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   “To draw, you must close your eyes and sing.”

                                                   — Pablo Picasso


President/Queen Bee, Melissa Dehner, earned a double BFA in Visual Communication from the University of Kansas, specializing in both Illustration and Graphic Design. Her creative career has allowed her to bring her skills into a variety of fields over the last 20+ years, including Illustration, Graphic Design, Architecture, Publication, and Education.


She draws inspiration for her work from everywhere in life – mountain ranges and the ocean, nature and wildlife, quiet time in her studio with her fantastic Lab/Staffordshire mix named Fresco, good music, and a strong cup of black coffee. She spent her early years living in Colorado as a kid, learning the basics…riding a bike, skiing, and figuring out what paint and markers and crayons were for.


She now enjoys her current creative life in Kansas City, soaking up the fantastic local music and art scene that keeps growing bigger and stronger and more fantastic every year. Melissa enjoys taking real-life experiences, both bad and good, and creating work that others can relate to in a strong and positive way.


When it comes to working with clients, she brings 150% and loves developing great working relationships with people, which always helps create the best final product possible in the end. She is always ready for the next challenge and looks forward to new projects and clients to collaborate with!


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